In this DiSC training activity each style will describe what it’s like to be a high D, i, S, or C. Ask participants to meet in their primary style groups, and have each group create a poster that depicts a “day in the life of” a D, i, S, or C.

You may want to set the ground rules for the activity:

  • This is a learning activity for all DiSC styles
  • Please use respectful language that allows people to grow & learn
  • Be mindful that style is based on preference
  • Refrain from opinion and be objective in your learning and teach-backs
  • Resist the temptation to label or pigeon-hole

Give the groups 8 minutes to create their posters. When time is up, ask participants to stand as a group with their poster. Ask which group would like to go first. Give each group 7-9 minutes to present their poster. Then ask each group:

  • How can other styles learn to better relate to you?
  • How are you misunderstood?
  • What are your fears?
  • What is the value that you bring to a team?
  • What do you have to beware of with overusing your strengths?

Finally, ask the other groups to share what they value and appreciate about this group.
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