DISC Virtual Certification by Resources Unlimited



Why a virtual certification?

Customized for you and built around your schedule!

An alternative to our classroom certification program, virtual certification is tailored to your schedule and availability. Also, there are no travel requirements; you can participate in a virtual certification from anywhere in the world. The program combines one-on-one phone coaching, plus a variety of independent learning exercises.

DISC Train-the-Trainer Certification includes five (5) 90 minute phone (webinar) coaching sessions scheduled at your convenience. It is recommended these sessions are scheduled weekly for best results. There will be pre-work and assignments between the sessions. It is required that you have an Everything DiSC® Facilitation Kit.

Certification empowers trainers, coaches, and consultants to gain competence and confidence to:

• Learn the DiSC Model and Background in depth
• Interpret the Everything DiSC Circumplex Map
• Interpret and maximize application of the Everything DiSC® Profile
• Understand and be challenged and encouraged to maximize your strengths
• Understand how to combine DiSC resources for better outcomes
• Experience portions of facilitation kit modules
• Learn additional exercises to make DiSC come alive for your participants
• Customize your own unique DISC based training solutions
• Create focused, effective DISC based training solutions
• Create Action Plans for building more effective relationships
• Sustain learning in your organization by utilizing a wide range of Everything DiSC® products, including Comparison Reports, Group Culture Reports and Facilitator Reports
• Provides you with credentials that demonstrate your in-depth understanding of DISC
• Be confident to deliver DISC training or coaching knowing you have a complete understanding of DiSC

Included materials:

• The Everything DiSC® facilitation system of your choice (Workplace, Management, Sales, or Work of Leaders), including video, leader’s guide, exercises, and more
• An EPIC account to administer your DISC training program
• One Everything DiSC® profile of your choice


Everything Disc® Classic Certification Kit, Everything Disc® Management Certification Kit, Everything Disc® Sales Certification Kit, Everything Disc® Work of Leaders Certification Kit, Everything Disc® Workplace Certification Kit


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