EPIC Starter Package

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1 - 99 $4.55
100 - 249 $4.30
250 - 499 $4.10
500 - 749 $3.90
750 - 999 $3.75
1000 - 1499 $3.65
1500 - 1999 $3.55
2000 - 9999 $3.45

What Are EPIC Credits?

EPIC Credits are the “currency” you’ll use to send access codes in your EPIC Account. EPIC Credits never expire.

As you run profiles and group reports, your EPIC Account deducts a certain number of EPIC Credits.

Running Low on EPIC Credits?

Call +1.800.278.1292 or order EPIC credits online. EPIC Credits are added to your EPIC Account electronically in just a few minutes during regular business hours.

We also offer an EPIC Line of Credit, which gives you 24/7 access to add EPIC Credits to your EPIC Account up to an established credit limit. An EPIC Line of Credit is a complimentary service from Resources Unlimited. We simply keep a credit card on file to charge after each line of credit purchase.

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EPIC Starter Package

FREE EPIC Account with first purchase –  A $162 Value!

An EPIC Account is a secure online warehouse that saves time and money and puts you in control. EPIC gives you 24/7 access to over 60 Wiley Publishing learning assessments.

EPIC allows you to run personalized profiles including the Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile and the Online DiSC® Classic 2.0, that may be used as a stand-alone piece or as part of a larger training program.

EPIC is easy-to-use, password-protected, gives you group report capability, and allows you to brand profiles with your contact information and logo.

Increase Productivity and Report Management in Five Key Areas:

Saves Time & Money

  • Send profiles and run Group Reports 24/7 with your EPIC Account
  • No shipping fees
  • Respondents take online profiles as pre-work, saving valuable classroom time

 Increases Productivity & Ensures Accuracy

  • EPIC processes profile results electronically, eliminating the need to score paper profiles by hand
  • EPIC Account folders and sub-folders allow you to organize reports by division, department, training seminar date, or any other criteria

Easy To Use

  • More than half of all Wiley assessments are sent electronically via EPIC.
  • So easy to use that no training is required
  • No software download required
  • Available through any Internet connection
  • No EPIC Account renewal fees
  • EPIC Credits never expire
  • Run ANY report available in your EPIC Account
  • Reports are in PDF format (color or black & white)
  • Did a respondent accidentally delete their profile? Login to your EPIC Account & resend in just a few clicks

Offers Enhanced Report Options, Giving You Control

  • Unique enhanced narrative descriptions not found in paper profiles
  • You control whether a respondent is able to view their report
  • View, print, or email any report generated in your EPIC Account
  • EPIC allows you to create samples of each report to post on your website or emails
  • Make training stick with EPIC-exclusive follow-up reports, including Free & Unlimited Everything® DiSC Comparison Reports
  • EPIC offers Facilitator and Group reports (not available with paper profiles)
  • Easily regenerate DiSC Group Reports as staff members change
  • The EPIC Account homepage informs you of the latest report enhancements and new profiles
  • Send completed profiles to an individual or to a group in just a few clicks

Offers Customization

  • Customize the EPIC welcome screen and profile covers with your logo and contact information
  • Add a personal comment to emails when sending out EPIC access codes
  • Customize your email subject lines
  • Create and retrieve custom messages to send to your respondents using the Custom Email Message Library
  • Customize the “From” name of the access code emails, so respondents will easily recognize the sender
  • Generate EPIC Account activity reports
  • Store and sort important project information within your EPIC Account
  • Reference the online EPIC Account Help Section 24/7, which now includes animated EPIC tutorials
  • Customize the profile title, print selected sections, remove or rearrange pages in Everything DiSC® Profiles

1 to 99 at $4.55/each, 100 to 249 at $4.30/each, 250 to 499 at $4.10/each, 500 to 749 at $3.90/each, 750 to 999 at $3.75/each, 1000 to 1499 at $3.65/each, 1500 to 1999 at $3.55/each, 2000+ at $3.45/each


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