Does your company’s changes fail on a consistent basis?

Many companies fail at change because the company does not take into account the organizations culture. The organizations culture includes both the business side and the company’s emotional side of the decision. According to Professor Quy Huy article, Five Reasons Most Companies Fail at Strategy Execution, Microsoft failed at beating the iPhone not because of lack of resources but because of its organizational culture.

Huy’s identifies 5 barriers that most companies face when dealing with change.

1. Mistrust and low sharing of useful and timely information
2. Low receptivity to effortful change
3. More talk than action, then misaligned action
4. Mechanistic action
5. Complacency

The key to success in any change within an organization is a good plan of action and an even better culture. To build a better culture, a company needs to figure out how to communicate with each other and DISC provides that common language between all employees.