Have you ever felt like your boss was using a hammer instead of a drill to drive a bolt into a piece of wood? This feeling is horrible. So the next time you look for a job consider Ron Carucci’s, Five Pointers For Hiring Your Next Boss. The Five tips that Carucci gives are as follows:

  1. Know yourself and what you want in a boss. You need to be very clear with want you want and expect from your leader and express that to them in your interview before you accept the job. Remember that there is nothing wrong with turning down a job.
  2. Know how this opportunity advances who you want to become. Give them and yourself the opportunity to see if the “real” you fits with the company’s culture because their culture and environment will shape your character, values and worldview. Life is to short to be miserable, so make sure this advancement moves you to be the person you want to become.
  3. Rehearse the relationship. Ask them about specifics on the job so that they “talk shop” with you and start to reveal how the relationship will be when you come on board.
  4. Ask real questions. “So what can I expect out of our relationship?” or “Can I talk to your team members to understand how your relationship is with them?” A true leader will respect you for asking proof of their leadership abilities.
  5. Be an anthropologist. Observe and listen for any patterns or anything that intrigues you about the environment, interactions between people, or the teams’ vibe. Show them you care about them, their company, and your future by asking questions about your observations of their team.

Life is hard enough without your career, here at Resources Unlimited, we understand that and we strive to make both the bosses and the employees life better by giving them tools to achieve better relationships and understanding of themselves.