We know that company culture drives Employee Engagement but what specifically can we do to change the company culture. Michael Stallard identified 7 Best Practices to Boost Employee Engagement they are as follows:

  1. Set “Top Five” High Level Annual Priorities. Remain focused on the company goals so that the employees are not overwhelmed.
  2. Know Their (Employee) Stories. Not their career stories, but their personal life. Build a friendship.
  3. Help People Get Into the “Right Role.” Know each persons DISC, Motivators, and Skills to coach them into the right role.
  4. Develop the Habit of Emphasizing Positives. Remain positive and your team will rally behind you. There is no place for negativity here!
  5. Provide Constructive Feedback in a Constructive Way. Coach your team with love and respect and they will follow you anywhere willingly.
  6. Provide Autonomy in Execution. No job is to small or to big for you. Offer help but do not “micro mange” or “helicopter” them.
  7. Hold In-Person Meetings and Regularly Check-In. Follow one of the best leaders in history British Prime Minister Winston Churchill by staying in touch with your team. Use whatever means of communication possible but stay in touch in their weekly or daily life. This only takes 5 minutes.

These 7 best practices are simple tasks that cost the company nothing but they will change your culture and drive Employee Engagement overnight. Employees want purpose, their voice heard, and a relationship with the people they spend more time with than their own family. Remember life is to short to be unhappy 40 to 60 hours a week.