Thank you to everyone who attended the 8 Dimensions of Leadership Executive Briefing in Des Moines last week with co-authors, Jeffrey Sugerman, Ph.D., and Mark Scullard, Ph.D.

Here is some of the great feedback we received:

“I’m excited to read the book and learn more about how leveraging all 8 dimensions will allow me to continue to lead like me—only better!” (Paula Hender)

“The briefing was not only informative, it was very insightful and has encouraged me to learn more and start using these tools more effectively.” (Laura Britton)

“The authors were very personable and knowledgeable about the model of leadership they have researched and written about in the book.” (Rick Gustafson)

“Great food for thought. Can’t wait to read the book.” (Thom Powell)

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership book is on sale now.
$22.95 get free ground shipping within the contiguous U.S.