Does your company need to make a cultural shift? The game plan is simple but the execution is challenging. Do you have what it takes?

Step 1: Identify your problems.

Be open minded and honest with yourself and identify all the major problems within your company. In order for you to shift your culture, you need to know what to fix. Are your problems any of the following: People, Hiring, Management, Supervisors, or worst case scenario YOU (Be Honest)!

Step 2: Reward change at the top.

Senior level buy-in is crucial for a long-term cultural shift. Likewise, employee buy-in is also essential to shift culture. Buy-in is hardest part of the process because the idea sounds great but execution is difficult. Even with the best reward programs, the decisions that need to be made are still difficult. What do I mean? Hear are a few what if scenarios: changing your managements or your personal habits, keeping the program at the focus while in the trenches, or termination of top performers due to no buy-in (my toughest, who wants to fire the best performer?).

Step 3: Pick a program.

There is no secret sauce that you can buy to fix your cultural problems. There are only programs and game plans that will help guide you to find your secret sauce which will shift your culture. The object from any training program is to give your team the tools it needs to implement your companies secret sauce (its culture). Which program should you buy? I recommend that you choose a program that senior level management is excited about and willing to put a 110% effort into it. Their involve will dramatically increase your success to shift the core culture.

The game plan is simple, but the execution is difficult. All great leaders need to go through great adversity to become a great leader. There is no other way to become a great leader.