I had an interesting call with a client a couple of weeks ago about DiSC exercises and training tools. She was preparing to do a teambuilding session with a group of high level managers in a well-known construction company. She explained to me that she had been struggling with this group because collectively, they could not come up with a single idea that everyone agreed on. Each individual believed that his or her idea was best and no one was interested in compromise. While I was 99% sure that I already knew the answer, I asked her what the group culture was. Not surprisingly, she told me the 100% of the group had a primary or secondary D. We started to discuss some options for exercises that this group would open communication lines. We settled on two main exercises and I have attached instructions for each of them.
QuikDiSC Exercise
DiSC Sales Action Planner Exercise
One of my favorite things about DiSC is its versatility. You can create your own exercises or mold existing ones to suit your needs, and it’s helpful in essentially any situation.