Everyone has a unique way of doing things. Each person has different motivators, preferences, and needs. DiSC will help teams understand these differences and help teams work better together.

With the recent introduction of the DiSC Plus Reports for Team Building, the DiSC Group Culture Report, and the Everything DiSC Facilitation System, DiSC is the only system you need to increase your team’s motivation, communication skills, and ability to resolve conflict.

The DiSC materials you choose depend on your objective. If your team members want a basic understanding of themselves and how each person works with others, we recommend taking the DiSC Classic 2.0 Online Profile with the DiSC Plus Reports for Team Building. With this, you get the DiSC Classic Report, plus 2 supplemental reports: Relating to People and Environment and Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship. View a sample. This will give you an undertaking of how you tend to manage time, how you handle stress, how you solve problems, and how others can:
communicate with you
compliment you
provide feedback to you
deal with your problem-solving style
After each team member completes the DiSC Online Profile and DiSC Plus Reports for Team Building, you can compile a DiSC Group Culture Report. The DiSC Group Culture Report helps you answer these questions:

What is the DiSC style of a group?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the group culture?
How does the group culture affect members with different DiSC styles?
How does the group culture influence decision making?
How does it affect risk taking?
What types of behaviors are valued?
What behaviors are not valued?
Some of our clients choose to run several DiSC Group Culture Reports for each group depending on how the group splits up projects.

If you are using DiSC for Team Building applications in your training sessions, the Everything DiSC Facilitation System has some great course outlines. Including Improving Team Effectiveness (Full-Day), Improving Team Motivation (Half-Day), and Team Effectiveness Series (Three Half-Day Sessions). The outlines break your training sessions into an average of 1-hour segments each and show you which assessments to use, which part of the Everything DiSC DVD to use, and even provides a full script of what to say.

What materials or exercises do you use for team building applications?