I spoke with two DiSC clients yesterday about the DiSC group report options within their EPIC Accounts.

The DiSC Facilitator Report provides data that DiSC trainers need to prepare for and work with a group. It includes a breakdown of group members by DiSC style and Classical Pattern distribution. You also get an overview of each style as it relates to group culture. Respondents’ names are included in the DiSC Facilitator Report, which offers an easy way for facilitators to get to know group members.

The DiSC Group Culture Report was designed for opening discussions on group culture. No respondent names are included in the DiSC Group Culture Report.

Do a side-by-side comparison of the DiSC Group Culture & DiSC Facilitator Reports by viewing the samples below:

DiSC Group Culture Report Sample (15 EPIC Credits)

DiSC Facilitator Report Sample (15 EPIC Credits)