If you are interested in using the DiSC Profile within your organization, there is one basic thought to consider: would you like participants to complete the DiSC Paper Profile or the DiSC Online Profile? Both will get you to the same destinations (enhanced communication, conflict resolution, better teams, etc), but there are a few main differences. Once you understand the differences and similarities, you can more easily choose the best profile for your situation.

The DiSC Classic Paper Profile

This is the original DiSC Profile. As a self-scoring assessment, the DiSC Paper Profile will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire portion and score the graphs. Make sure your training session is long enough to accommodate this.

Also keep in mind that the DiSC Paper Profiles will need to be shipped to you (we can send your profiles via Next Day or Second Day Air if you are in a bind).

DiSC Paper Profile sections include:
DiSC Graphs I, II, and III
General highlights of each DiSC style
Intensity Index
All DiSC Classic Profile Patterns
Choose the DiSC Classic Paper Profile when:

The Internet is not readily accessible to your participants
You only want standard descriptions of DiSC styles and patterns
Trust is low among your participants, to give them more control over their DiSC reports
You want to show your participants how their DiSC scores are derived
DiSC Classic 2.0 Online Profile

The online DiSC profile can be sent to you 30 minutes after we receive your order during regular business hours. The DiSC Online Profile is sent via email to you or directly to your participants. The questionnaire is completed online, and the results are calculated electronically for you. As a trainer, you can control whether or not the participant can view his/her own results. Many of our clients choose to print the DiSC reports out themselves and bring them to the training session.

The DiSC Classic 2.0 includes many enhancements. For example, you have the ability to add supplemental reports, which will provide more information on the participant’s behavior in a sales, team, or management environment.

Plus, you can easily manage your DiSC Online Profiles with an EPIC Account.

DiSC Online Profile sections include:

DiSC Graph
Explanation of your highest DiSC style(s)
Intensity Index
Interpretation of each highlighted word in your Intensity Index
Your narrative DiSC Classical Profile Pattern (Your Motivation, Your Work Habits, and Insights for You)
The DiSC model
General highlights of each DiSC style
All DiSC Classic Profile Patterns
Choose the DiSC 2.0 Online Profile when:

The Internet is readily accessible to your participants
You want personalized descriptions of each participant’s DiSC style and pattern in addition to standard descriptions
You want a pool of descriptive words that are positive in tone
You want to see the participant reports before the training
You do not have enough time to administer the DiSC profile during training
Our DiSC Experts are available to help you determine which assessment is best for you. Feel free to call our office at 800.278.1292.