DiSCHere’s another great DiSC training exercise you can incorporate into your next session.

If you use the DiSC Classic Paper Profile or the Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile, create a poster using handout 4-2 from the Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System.

If you use the Everything DiSC Application Library Profiles, create the Poster Template from the Support Materials Folder on your USB drive.

Have each DiSC participant write their name on a sticky dot and place it where they’re located on the DiSC map. This will provide a great visual of what the group’s DiSC styles are.

By looking at the DiSC Group Map, everyone can see that:
We all fall on different places of the DiSC map. Throughout your DiSC session you can teach participants how to adapt their natural style to meet the needs of others.
Even though some participants might be the same D, i, S or C style, we fall in different areas of the map. This really demonstrates that not all D’s are alike, not all i’s are alike, not all S’s are alike, and not all C’s are alike. There is diversity, even within the styles.
Learning more about DiSC will help participants learn how to work with people who have a variety of styles and preferences.