A DiSC client called last week to inquire about a replacement video for their Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System. They asked if they had to purchase an entire facilitation system or if they could purchase the video separately. They also wondered if we offered any new DiSC videos.

We informed the client that she had several options to consider:

1. Purchase the Everything DiSC Classic Video on DVD for $895 (without purchasing an entire Everything DiSC Classic Facilitation System).

2. Get new contemporary DiSC Video with one of the new Everything DiSC Application Facilitator Kits. With this option she’d get the all-new DiSC Video, PowerPoints, handouts, leader’s script – an entire facilitation system – for only $100 more.

a. Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator Kit $995
b. Everything DiSC Sales Facilitator Kit $995
c. Everything DiSC Management Facilitator Kit $995

The client chose Everything DiSC Workplace because it matched the needs of her audience, and she was excited that the new DiSC video is on a jump drive!

For her next training session she’ll use her Everything DiSC Classic PowerPoint, the Online DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile, and the new video from Everything DiSC Workplace. She really likes the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile as well, and may switch entirely to the Workplace program for her next training event.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your options. 1-800-278-1292