I asked the question around our office today: do TV characters have DiSC behavioral styles?

It was a unanimous “yes” throughout our office. I think writers mirror characters after real people. Linda Houts, one of our Master DiSC Trainers also had a good point: she says that “writers create characters from what they unconsciously understand about behavior.”

I know Grey’s Anatomy is currently a popular show (I watch it occasionally, when I just happen to come across it), so I took a guess at each of the characters’ DiSC style. Here is my best guess:

  • George- S
  • Meredith- D and/or i
  • Isobel- S and/or C
  • Christina- D
  • Miranda- D
  • Alex- iD

This could easily be used in your next DiSC Training session. Simply record a clip from your favorite TV show and have your participants guess the characters’ behavioral style. Use the DiSC People Reading Cards to help your participants determine whether the character perceives their environment as favorable or unfavorable, and if the character sees themself as more powerful as the environment.

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