Featured DiSC Training Exercise with QuikDiSC Cards
Appreciating Strengths Exercise: Refer to Insight Module 5-2 in the Everything DiSC Facilitation System

When to use this exercise: At the end of a DiSC Training Session or in a follow-up session.

Purpose of the Exercise: To provide DiSC-based feedback between workshop participants. This exercise gives the learners an opportunity to learn what DiSC behaviors they have displayed during the training. This exercise is particularly valuable because it enables participants to learn whether others perceive their DiSC style to be similar to one’s own self-perception.

Place one deck of QuikDiSC cards in the center of each table group (face up).
Ask each participant to select one card for each participant at the table. The card selected for each participant describes the behavior exhibited by that participant during the training session. (For example, “expressive.”)
Each participant at the table explains why the selected card (e.g., “expressive”) represents the person.
More about the QuikDiSC Cards: Visit http://www.resourcesunlimited.com/shop/QuikDiSC.asp

Questions for DiSC Trainers:

Have you used this exercise in your DiSC Training session?
Did you modify any part of the exercise?
How would you modify this exercise for a particular group?