Have your DiSC participants complete the Online DiSC 2.0 Profile BEFORE your DiSC training or coaching sessions to save valuable time. The DiSC Classic 2.0 is sent out and scored electronically, so you won’t need to administer and score a paper assessment during your DiSC session.

Right after you place your DiSC 2.0 order with Resources Unlimited, we’ll send you an email(s) containing your access code(s) and link to the DiSC 2.0 response form.

You’ll just need to forward one email to each participant. They’ll click the link and complete the 28-response profile online in about 10 minutes. The DiSC 2.0 Profile is generated instantly so participants can print out their DiSC Profile, save it on their computer, or forward their DiSC 2.0 to someone else.

If you don’t want participants to view their DiSC 2.0 before your DiSC session, you’ll want to order an EPIC Account, which lets you print DiSC reports to hand out. EPIC Accounts are so popular with our clients because EPIC is easy to use and gives administrators more control.