As we wrap up 2012 and look forward to 2013, you may be wondering how to keep DiSC alive and the training that you have conducted in the past from falling by the wayside.  Resources Unlimited has generated a few ideas on how you can keep people excited about DiSC and use it in their everyday work environment.

  • Group Culture Report (DISC Classic and Everything DiSC)
  • Comparison Reports (Everything DiSC only)
  • Annual learning events for those who want to freshen up on DiSC
  • Nominate a DiSC Champion in the workplace or highlight success stories
  • Accountability Partners
  • Interaction Guides (available in Workplace, Sales, and Management)
  • Style Guides for employees to have an ongoing reminder of their style
  • Email Campaigns created by different groups within the organization and how they are using it
  • DiSC Bulletin Boards with tips and tricks on how to deal with different styles
  • Game Show style learning such as Jeopardy to reinforce the styles
  • Steadily Reinforce in meetings

Take some time to think about what works in your workplace to keep things actively moving forward!