DiSC Certification for Trainers, Coaches, and Consultants is a two-day program designed to give you the tools, exercises, and confidence you need to develop DiSC-based solutions.

DiSC Certification will give you a thorough understanding of the DiSC model of human behavior. You will observe and participate in a DiSC workshop that you will be able to deliver yourself. Learn meaningful, interactive, and proven learning activities you can incorporate into your own DiSC sessions, gain an in-depth understanding of the DiSC model, the four dimensions of DiSC, and learn how to interpret DiSC reports.

DiSC Certification also provides a chance to learn the newest, most effective DiSC training tools available for your learning applications. Find out which DiSC-based assessments can be used as follow-up training tools, which DiSC programs to use when you are short on time, and which DiSC tools will enhance learning in your classroom sessions.

We are offering new DiSC Certification locations this year! We’re also bringing back many frequently requested locations.

Upcoming DiSC Certification Dates:
March 21-22: San Diego, CA
March 28-29: Dallas, TX
April 18-19: San Diego, CA
May 16-17, 2007 – Atlanta, GA
June 20-21, 2007 – New York, NY
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