Have you ever thought about how different styles plan a trip?  Are you more of a throw whatever into a suitcase and head out the door with no destination in site? Or maybe, you take years to plan your “dream vacation” planning out everything you are going to do down to where you will stop for fuel?  As you can imagine, your planning style or even “ideal” vacation may be influenced on your style.
Below you will find an activity to use during a training session or maybe even at your next family get together that helps dig into one’s DiSC style by merely looking at how they plan for a trip.

  • Divide the group into D, i, S and C groups. For larger groups, break down into smaller groups (for example, there may be 2 D groups, 1 i group, 1 S group, and 2 C groups).
  • Using flip chart and markers, have the group as a whole describe the type of trip they are going to take together.  Suggest they draw pictures of location, what they will bring, what they may do, how they will travel, etc.  Allow approximately 5-7 minutes to complete.
  • Once the time has lapsed, have each group describe their trip that they came up with and debrief the different styles and how they are reflected in the “trip”

Hang the posters around the office area as a reminder of each others styles and how this may be a part of how they do their job in the workplace!
Alternative Idea: Have each group design their ideal house – what does the outside look like, where is it located, what is a must in the inside, etc.
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