You can now view a movie tutorial about the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis on our website. Just click “DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Tutorial” at the top of the page.

By viewing the tutorial, you will learn:
What is the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis Profile
When to use the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis
The What of the Job
The How of the Job
Explanation of the Button, Banner and Brochure ideal
Conflicting Role Expectations
How to use the DiSC Role Behavior Analysis
Your Position and Roles Within
Examples of Roles in a Position
What you should do before responding
After responding – what is learned
Matching Style and Role Expectation
Conflicting expectations
Consensus Role Behavior Analysis Process
The DiSC Role Behavior Analysis was designed to identify role fit, identify training and development needs, and create a plan for stretching and redirecting for a better fit. This DiSC-based assessment is available in both online and paper formats. To compare results to the DiSC General Characteristics profile, the online format is required.

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