Are your training activities feeling a little repetitive? Well in honor of summer, I would like to provide you with a new activity that is focused on a beloved summer activity, boating.

To get started, divide your groups by their DiSC styles and give them each the following scenario:

You and three other people are in a four person row boat.  Your boat springs a leak.  You are in the middle of a very large lake and cannot see the shore. 

You have two oars, a cooler full of food and drinks, and one life preserver. 

One person can swim well and all others are poor swimmers.  Your boat is sinking fast. 

How would you go about solving your problem?

Give them no more than 5-7 minutes to discuss and illustrate on flip chart paper their steps for solving the problem. Encourage them to draw pictures!  Once they have shared their strategy to solve the problem, provide debriefs of how each style is different than the other and what is needed for success.  They will be able to apply these findings in the workplace with intact teams!

As a next step, hang up their posters in their workplace as a visual reminder of each style.

Please comment below how you think each DiSC style would react and fix a sinking ship!