Inscape Publishing offers a vast variety of learning assessments that will help you identify and develop your employees. Use assessments not only in the pre-hiring process, but throughout the employees’ career with your organization. The DiSC profile, our most popular training assessment, can be used alone or with a combination of other tools to create a more successful organization. For example:
Learn the corporate culture with the DiSC Group Culture Report
Build effective teams with the DiSC Plus for Teams Report and Team Dimensions Profile
Ensure a good job fit by comparing your candidate to the role with the DiSC Role Behavioral Analysis
Identify your employees’ career preferences and expectations with the DiSC Profile and Work Expectations assessments
Determine your employees’ leadership style by combining DiSC with the Dimensions of Leadership Profile
Help sales become more effective with the DiSC Plus for Sales Report
For more ideas, view a complete list of the online Inscape Publishing profiles that are currently available, at: Want to discuss your options in more detail? Call our DiSC experts at 800.278.1292.