Great news – the updated DiSC Sales profile is here! The new version has been updated with adaptive testing, an advanced scoring algorithm that is more robust and precise than ever.

Gone is the fixed, 79-question Sales profile. Instead, the profile now asks a variable number of questions, which depend on the respondent’s previous answers. In other words, the profile learns from the initial responses and adapts itself accordingly.

Why is this useful? Because it enables the Sales profile to hone in on areas of ambiguity or inconsistency and more thoroughly explore a particular aspect of the respondent’s behavior. This leads to more accurate results. Alternatively, if a respondent demonstrates little ambiguity or inconsistency, the profile needs fewer questions to compile the results – which saves time for the respondent. Either way, it’s a better outcome!

You’ll notice that updated profile includes slightly different graphics and images, and we recommend that you update your DiSC Sales facilitation kit to reflect the new version of the assessment. To update your kit, just give us a call at +1.800..278.1292 and we’ll take care of it. The update is free through July 30; afterwards, it costs $49.

For more information about adaptive testing, feel free to read our adaptive testing research report.