An article by Management-Issues says that assessments are a vital part of the hiring process:

The development of talent pools, active communication with prospects and personality assessments were also vital in this tough, competitive market.

Employers who did not follow this advice would pay a high price, the company warned, with the cost of turnover at 1.5 times that of salary and some companies reporting a six-fold expenditure above salary when hidden costs such as “chain reaction” turnover and lost productivity are factored in.”

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The DiSC Profile is commonly used by our clients for hiring purposes. The online DiSC assessment has made this even easier because HR professionals can send the DiSC assessment to a candidate’s email address. The candidate typically fills out the DiSC profile before or after the interview. Then, the HR professional can view the candidate’s behavioral style and make comparisons to the position.

Recommended DiSC Tools to Use:

DiSC General Characteristics: is an in-depth personal behavior assessment. By administering the General Characteristics Report to potential employees, you will obtain a broad range of the individual’s behavioral characteristics, including behavioral strengths and weaknesses, motivating and demotivating factors, and management and selling styles.
DiSC Role Behavior Analysis: allows you to profile the job or role, and tells you how the role needs to be performed regardless of who is performing the role. Depending on your priorities, you can profile a part of a job, such as coach, as part of a broader role of manager, or complete the assessment for the role of manager.
DiSC Comparison Reports: Assesses how well the participant’s behaviors match the requirements of the role.
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