With the hundreds of behavioral workplace assessments and profiles in the marketplace today, it could take months to research all of them. We’ve compiled a list to help you.

Top 10 List of Reasons you Should Choose Inscape Publishing’s DiSC Assessment over the rest. When you compare Inscape Publishing to the other behavioral assessments out there, you will quickly see the superior quality provided by Inscape.

10: Inscape Publishing was the first company to commercialize instrument-based learning (1976), transforming the role of assessments in the workplace.

9: Inscape Publishing has the largest distributor network of any learning systems company.

8: Inscape Publishing products are integral to the learning and performance strategies of market-leading organizations such as Avon, U.S. Air Force, Guarantee Bank, Environmental Protection Agency, Oki Data, and Cargill.

7: Inscape Publishing is owned by The Riverside Company, the largest private equity firm specializing in middle market niche companies.

6: Inscape Publishing offers assessments in 25 languages

5: Inscape Publishing’s DiSC Profile offers the most value for the price of its assessments: DiSC General Characteristics Profile – the most in-depth DiSC profile – is only $41.25 per person or $75 with add-on reports for sales, managers, or team building.

4: Inscape Publishing offers group reports that can be used by DiSC Trainers, or shared with the group for a higher understanding of the group’s culture.

The DiSC Facilitator’s Report lets you build customized group reports using data from DiSC Classic 1.0, DiSC Classic 2.0, and DiSC PPSS on EPIC. The report includes an illustration of the group’s distribution of DiSC styles, the group’s Classical Pattern distribution, and detailed information on how each individual’s DiSC style may affect the DiSC culture within the group or organization.

The NEW DiSC Group Culture Report helps you answer these questions: • What is the DiSC style of a group?• What are the advantages and disadvantages of the group culture?• How does the group culture affect members with different DiSC styles?• How does the group culture influence decision making?• How does it affect risk taking?• What types of behaviors are valued? What behaviors are not valued?

3: The Electronic Profile Information System (EPIC) Account – a platform released February 2003, is an Internet based, password protected system that allows administrators to send the online DiSC profile to hundreds of employees and training participants in less than 15 minutes. EPIC is great for multi-location businesses because administrators can send online profiles to anyone in the world via email. EPIC stores all of your completed reports, making it easy to generate group reports at any time.

Clients of Resources Unlimited can receive a free EPIC Account ($120 set-up value) when they order 4 or more online assessments. Afterwards, clients only pay for the assessments they use, and will never pay any renewal fees.

2: The Everything DiSC Facilitation System and DVD – released October 2004, is a unique training product used by DiSC beginners, experienced DiSC Trainers, and consultants to deliver DiSC solutions. The Everything DiSC Facilitation System helps trainers and consultants discover new ways to use a broad range of DiSC tools in an unlimited variety of applications, while allowing for creativity.

1: Inscape Publishing provides continued Research and Development: Inscape Publishing is committed to maintaining the highest standards of instrument development and application through careful research and development processes. All of our DiSC® instruments offer valid scores and accurate feedback to the respondent.

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